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I only write when I am falling in love, or falling apart.
—e.s. (via selectables)
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» hide


the world
is an
ugly place
so I
hide away
inside my

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» it’s been weeks.

is this how it ends?

sitting here
listening to the same songs
empty hands
empty mind
sitting here
remembering the same words

is this all that’s left?

lying here
ignoring the same ringtone
tired eyes
tired heart
lying here
feeling the same loneliness

is this how it is?

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You are not truly a tragedy until you break a poet’s heart.

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» ruins we have made.

the city walls closed in
like crumbling towers
of smoke and memories
that were only supposed to
appeared within my dreams

the darkening sky fell in
as my hands grew still
and the ink ran out
like blood red hopes
dashed against dirty glass

(it was only when i
hit the ground running
that i realized
there was no escaping this

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I hate how easily you can invade my dreams.

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i still think about what would have been 

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it’s alright for you to go, darling, but
just let me ask this one last thing:

                did you forget that those three words
                were actually supposed to mean something?

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after being social for too long

(Source: profaaron)

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» crash landing.

and when the wreckage
is cleared
the smoke faded
the fire gone
the anguished screams died down

where do the broken hopes and dreams go?

storm and lightning
cause us shivers and wild thoughts
and when the worst 
has happened
without a warning

where do the ones left behind go?

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» slip on by.

you let her go
without so much a sound
hands held behind your back
as you turn your eyes
towards the horizon

you let them go
without so much a word
head bowed as your feet 
lead you backward
towards your hiding place

you let it go
without so much a gesture
watching the leaves change colour
as airplanes drone above
so easily you let go
another chance

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you take take take 
and spill out sharp knives
i don’t bother catching
leaving echoes
of slamming doors and locked screams
glaring holes burning lies
you take take take
expecting more to be given back
have you looked yourself in the mirror lately?

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» sequins upon velvet.

stars collide
within deep dreaming
even wings
grow heavier
under rain

whisper little white lies
when you’re half asleep
trace constellations
across your bare arms
heart strings shiver
when brushed with
soft murmurs

heavens above
allows such words
falling starlight
do you hear them

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why is it that you’d allow yourself to be
treated like shit
but when kindness is shown to you
why is it that you immediately run the other way?

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The Writers’ Retreat

For the July 20 NY Times Book Review. Thanks to AD Nicholas Blechman and editor Pamela Paul!

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